Jason's notes

Final Project Ideation

I’ll be making an acoustic instrument (music box) following up my unfinished water xylophone box from last semester. Here are some ideas I’m thinking about that is related with time:

  • Music is generally related with time since music notes / pitch / frequency is the inverse of time and rhythms is the placement of sound in time.
  • Designed an instrument/music box specifically for a piece like Bach’s Canon or minimalistic work. These pieces are selected because they have more mathematical structure so it’s easier to make a mechanism of them.
  • The energy that makes it move will come from humans or other natural sources, so the playing speed will be affected by the energy source. e.g. the stronger the sun is the faster it will be.
  • Instead of having sheet music that records the notes and rhythms, create a notation that stores the kinetic movement of playing the music.