Jason's notes

Week1 Random Walk

Using the random walker as a model, develop a sketch that experiments with motion.

I was initially trying to make a random walker that goes in a smooth path. So I added a angle variable and assigned the value from a perlin noise function which changes slowly.

angle = map(noise(offset / 100), 0, 1, 0, PI * 2);

However, since the noise function usually returns a value near 0.5, the angle is mostly at around PI which is toward up and doesn’t take much time to go outside the canvas. So I changed it to only have a little modification (from -30° to 30°) in every loop.

angle += map(noise(offset / 100), 0, 1, -PI/6, PI/6);

This version turned out pretty good, and it’s amazingly similar to my earbuds cable when in pocket. Therefore, I added the earbud part and here it is:

Tangled earbuds generator