Jason's notes

Final Project Proposal

I am a huge fan of waves. They are so cool especially when you apply them on multiple axis e.g. to form a lissajous pattern. I made a oscillascope simulator in midterm, and for my fianl, I’d like to push it to the physical world.

This is a collaboration with Marcel Wang. Check out her post here

We are going to make a physical installation with a laser controlled by a computer/microcontrollers in both X and Y axes with a signal. Which will be a piece of music specifically designed for it. Since the music signal will be mapped to the laser movement, the audio in theory will match the picture perfectly.
We also had idea to have Fluorescent material for the laser to point at, so the pattern will stay on for a while.

Here are some test we did. There were a lot of fun.

Box with mirrors and speakers

Galvo with laser

Drawing a circle not perfectly on the wall

Youtube videos for inspirations