Jason's notes

Week3 Live Planet

Assignments: Improve on the example, send a different type of event to the server and to the clients. This could be a collaborative drawing program or a means to control other people’s experience.

This project is a collaboration with Stacy.


We were having this idea of adding spaces to an online chat room. One way is to make a planet that people can ‘walk’ on. You can either get into groups or find a quiet corner. It’s also very cool to call your friends and say something like ‘Hey! I’m at 55°‘.

How it work

When a person makes any actions (including get into this website), everyone will receive this actions and excute it.

Here’s are all the socket listeners on client:

  • Login: first connect to server and receive all existing people.
  • Join: add the new joining people.
  • Move: receiving other people’s movement.
  • Chat: receiving chat messages.
  • Quit: somebody exit the planet.


Seems pretty good.

Live Planet Demo