Jason's notes

Week10 Live Music Playground Idea


  • Prepare a final project proposal; in a blog post include a short description of the idea, a bit of background (why you want to make it), include any references, and start thinking about how you will develop it.

Start from my week8 assignment, I wanna push further and make a live music playground (untitled yet). People can make music together simultaneously and all the audio/video sources will be captured from the webcam. It’s definitely not for professionals, but for friends to have some fun. It will be designed as simple as possible, and more importantly, it should always sound good.


Anticipating features

  • Play/Pause & BPM control
  • Smart recorder - start recording when a sound is detected. Maybe add some machine learning to categorize the sound as well
  • Sampler for playing a melody
  • Effect for both audio & video
  • Multi room | Save project | Login
  • Chat