Jason's notes

Laser - Cup Holder

Assignment: Create something using the laser cutter.

I made a cup holder for coffee cups, so you can hold your hot coffee on hand and get an elegant handle as well. Idea from here

I first measure the cup from my favorite coffee shop, and did a sketch in Fusion to make the holder fit perfectly.


I added the handle in illustrator since it won’t collide with other part and easier to design. cup_holder.ai

cutting shapes

The material was a 12 x 12 plywood from Blick.

12 x 12 plywood from Blick

laser cut result

After the cut was finished, I sanded the burned stain and glue them together.

sanding the stain

glue every part together

Testing the cup holder. The coffee shop was closed so I tested it with a shakes cup. It was a little larger but can still fit.

testing with a shake's cup