Jason's notes

First - Flash Light

Assignment: Build a flashlight using any tools or techniques you’d like.

I started from the junk shelf and found this corner pipe. It had a very interesting shape and also easy to work with. My idea was to make the light shine from one hole and the switch goes to the other hole.

battery, button, led and the pipe

I first drilled a hole at the bottom and then used the Dremel to expand it to the switch’s size. It was really hard to control the Dremel but at least I made a rectangle.

corner pipe been clamped to the table

switch fit in the hole

the LED and battery were then been soldered and added to the enclosure. I hot-glued the switch to the case and everything seems stable enough.

bottom look - battery been connected to the circuit

Here is a photo of my finished flashlight. It lights up.

my flashlight shining