Jason's notes

Final Project - Deaf Vibe

Collaboration with Sara Ro. See her post here: Link

For the final project, we are making an accessible music streaming website/application. It utilize the Web Vibration API to offer tactile experience for people with hearing disability.


Our initial idea was to make a streaming app so that people can choose whatever they can listen to. Unfortunately, the platforms we cheked didn’t satisfy our conditions for the following reasons.

  • Youtube: Only support iframe so it’s audio can not be access from the website.
  • Spotify: Playback API only works on desktop.
  • Soundcloud: Does not provide any new developer account.

Therefore, we picked three songs and added a controller so that people can choose from one of those.

For the color theme, we decided to make a future-like style, some keywords includes ‘cyberpunk’, ‘neon’.

Neon & Cyberpunk style world

App and Code

Click here to see the project on Glitch.
Sadly, the vibration only works on Android device.